Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finally got my blog-bum in gear!

Well hello there!!
This blog has been in the pipeline for as long as I can remember and after finishing all my assignments of my first year at University now seemed like a good time to shake it loose, as it were.

So, to introduce myself. My name is Indiana (as those detectives among you have probably worked out) and I'm almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a student. I like to get up early, go jogging and only drink on the rare occasion Guinness or an ale with an interesting name is served.
On the other hand I leave my work to the last minute and prefer to play video games and watch movies rather than socialise... So maybe I am not quite the maverick I pretend to be. Oh well.

I have a Twitter, find me here: https://twitter.com/Theynamedthedog if you would like a fairly unedited version of my thoughts during my day. Plus funny images and rude words.

This blog will be primarily for my film reviews. I can't give any kind of schedule, they will mainly be done as and when I have the time to watch a film then write about it. Probably one a week now I don't have a lot else to occupy my time.

 Feel free to suggest films I should watch, I like old slasher movies, some Sci-Fi, comic book movies, crime movies and anything with Hugh Jackman in. Mmm, Hugh Jackman. Also, feel free to share this blog with your friends and family, if you enjoyed it. If you didn't, share it with the people you hate as punishment.

So there we are then. Ramblings. "Maverick" Student. Twitter. Film reviews. Hugh Jackman. Anything Else?

Goodbye for now, and expect my first review (on here) in the next few days.

Indiana X

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